2019 Annual Meeting: Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipients

The MFA congratulates the following award recipients:

William Beggs, University of Arizona
Spencer Couts, Ohio State University
Yao Deng, University of Minnesota
Abhi Ganguly, Indiana University
Shuangshuang Ji, UNC-Charlotte
Alok Nemani, University of Arizona
Landon Ross, Washington University – St. Louis
Jialu Shen, Imperial College London
Tianjiao (Joy) Tong, Duke University
Terry Zhang, University of British Columbia

MFA Board Election Results

Newly elected MFA Board Members (with terms beginning March 2019):

Vice-President Elect (2021 Program Chair) (1 year term)
Jessica Wachter, University of Pennsylvania

Academic Directors (3 year term)
Stefano Giglio, Yale University
Nadya Malenko, Boston College

Institutional Director (3 year term)
Richard Rosen, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Secretary (3 year term)
Kelly Cai, University of Michigan – Dearborn