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  • If you cannot attend the conference, but a coauthor will attend the conference in your place, please inform your session chair and the program chair (hengjie.ai@yahoo.com).
  • If you have a conflict and cannot attend the conference, please let your session chair and the program chair know.

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Through its annual conference meetings the MFA provides a forum for the interaction of finance academics and practitioners to share scholarly activity and current practice so as to encourage and facilitate the betterment of the profession.

2020 Meeting

August 6-8, 2020

Call for Papers and Participation

See the complete program and the preliminary program with links to papers.

Program Chair

Hengjie Ai, University of Minnesota

Keynote Speakers

Douglas Breeden, William W. Priest Jr. Professor, Duke University
Toni Whited, Dale L. Dykema Professor of Business Administration, University of Michigan

Program Track Chairs

Manuel Adelino, Duke University
Heitor Almeida, University of Illinois
Ilona Babenka, Arizona State University
Gurdip Bakshi, Temple University
Snehal Banerjee, UC-San Diego
Alon Brav, Duke University
Ric Colacito, UNC-Chapel Hill
Will Cong, Cornell University
Tony Cookson, University of Colorado
Robert Dittmar, University of Michigan
Bjorn Eraker, University of Wisconsin
Murray Frank, University of Minnesota
Lorenzo Garlappi, University of British Columbia
Stuart Gillan, University of Georgia
Barney Hartman Glaser, UCLA
Kathleen Weiss Hanley, Lehigh University
Arthur Korteweg, Univ. of Southern California
Xiaoji Lin, University of Minnesota
Hong Liu, Washington University – St. Louis
David Mauer, UNC-Charlotte
Andrey Malenko, MIT
Nadia Malenko, Boston College
Brian Melzer, Dartmouth
Evgeny Lyndres, Boston University
Justin Murfin, Cornell University
Lilian Ng, York University
Tom Nohel, Loyola University
Chritian Opp, Wharton School of Business
Paige Ouimet, UNC-Chapel Hill
Lubos Pastor, University of Chicago
Neil Pearson, University of Illinois
Lin Peng, Baruch College
Gordon Phillips, Dartmouth
Veronika Pool, Indiana University
Amiyatosh Purnanandam, University of Michigan
Yiming Qian, University of Connecticut
Christian Schlag, Goethe University at Frankfurt
Lukas Schmid, Duke University
Ivan Shaliastovich, University of Wisconsin
Yuri Tserlukevich, Arizona State University
Charles Trzcinka, Indiana University
Greg Udell, Indiana University
Zhenyu Wang, Indiana University
Ed Van Wesep, University of Colorado
Mao Ye, University of Illinois
Liyan Yang, University of Toronto
Xiaoyun Yu, Indiana University