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2016 Best Referee Award
Bernadette Minton, Ohio State University
2016 Associate Editor of the Year
Joost Driessen, Tilburg University
2015 Associate Editor of the Year
Jing-zhi Huang, Penn State University

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The MFA maintains a general announcement mailing list and a membership list which includes information on current members, including name, employment affiliation, address, and email address. Under no circumstances will the MFA release any contact or mailing list which includes names or email addresses of our members to any third-party. Any third parties, such as meeting exhibitors or other finance associations, that have an interest in contacting the MFA members for general announcement purposes may do so by sending the intended communication to a moderated listserve which can release the communication to the list. The third party will not have access to the list. In order for any such mailing to be sent by or on behalf of any third party, the email content must be reviewed and approved by the Operations Committee or Executive Director. A request for the communication with the MFA mailing list for a mailing piece deemed inappropriate will be denied.